Lakeside Coarse Fishery

Coarse Lake Fishing

Top Coarse Lake with Swims

The top coarse lake is 2 acres and runs to a maximum depth of 14 feet. It is a mixed fishery with something for the pleasure angler and for those who are after the bigger fish. The lake features a large island and each swim offers a challenge, including shallows, deep margins, varying depths and marginal plants.

There are 27 swims and all have secure wooden or steel platforms. Many are easily accessible by wheelchair.

Coarse Lake Stock
  • Carp to 20lb (mirror, common and crucian carp).

    The current record for the top lake stands at 31lb 4oz for a common carp caught in 2020.

    The current record for the bottom lake is a grass carp weighing 34lb 12oz caught in 2020.

  • Bream to 9lb (Current lake record stands at 11lb 7oz, caught in 2004).
  • Tench to 5lb (Current lake record stands at 7lb 5oz, caught in 2003).
  • Perch to 4lb (Current lake record stands at 4lb 2oz, caught in 2003).
  • Roach to 3lb.
  • Gudgeon to 4oz.
  • Plus other silver fish.

Bottom Coarse Lake

The bottom coarse lake is 2.5 acres of clear water and has a maximum depth of 18 feet. The lake is well stocked with tench, grass carp, roach, chub and perch.


Swims are allocated on a first come, first served basis. However, swims are pre-bookable for groups and special events. Please call us on Tel: 01296 682201 for further information.

To pay for the swims

Please place the correct money in an envelope and include your name and car registration number on the envelope, then post the completed envelope through the lodge door. The lodge remains closed until further notice. Toilet facilities are open as usual.

No fish are to be taken from the lakes. Please note, we do not allow wading, boats or gaffs.

Please visit the fishery rules page detailing the rules for fishing at our lakes.

Coarse Lake Fishing Tariff
AdultsAll Day - * One Rod Only£7.00 per person
AdultsAll Day - * Two Rods Only£10.00 per person
Juniors (under 16 years)All Day - One Rod Only£7.00 per person

* Adult concessions are not available. Maximum of two rods per person.

A valid Environment Agency rod licence is required to fish at Lakeside Fishery. These can be purchased online at the Environment Agency website.

Coarse Fishing Matches

If you wish to book either lake for a private fishing match, we require at least four weeks notice. Please contact us on 01296 682201 for more information.