Lakeside Coarse Fishery

Coarse Lake Fishing Rules

For the benefit and safety of all visitors to Lakeside Fishery, please abide by the following rules:

  • Nets must be dipped before fishing.
  • Net and handles must be a minimum total length of 10ft.
  • Nets must not hold Carp or Bream or any fish with a weight in excess of 3lbs. These should be weighed and returned to the water immediately.
  • Ground bait is limited to 2 pints per angler per day.
  • Ground up pellets are not to be used.
  • Soft boilies are permitted on hook. NO ground baiting, bloodworm, joker or nuts.
  • Do not dispose of unwanted bait in the water. Leave it on the banks as the ducks and swans will appreciate the leftovers.
  • Equipment should be used from the stages provided and not set up between them.
  • Equipment must not be left unattended in or out of the water with bait still attached. This can be harmful to the wildlife.
  • Hooks must be barbless or micro-barb.
  • A maximum of 2 rods are allowed per person. There is an additional fee of £3.00 for the second rod. An Environmental Agency Rod Licence can be checked by request of any other licence holder.
  • No bolt rigs or method feeder.
  • No braid.
  • Anybody under 16 years of age must have an adult (18 years or over) with them at all times.
  • Juniors must also be next to or near the adult with them, at all times.
  • Juniors must not roam from one staging to another.
  • Non-fishing junior spectators are not permitted, as this can cause unnecessary distraction to other fishermen.
  • The top carpark is for unloading purposes only. Once tackle has been unloaded please ensure your car is moved to the entrance carpark.
  • The use of radios is prohibited.
  • Bait boats are not allowed.
  • No Bar-B-Q's permitted.
  • Litter must not be left lying around. Please take your litter home with you or place it in the bins provided.
  • Please do not disturb the wildlife.
  • Dogs are allowed but must be kept on leads.
  • Night fishing is not permitted. Dawn to dusk fishing only.
  • NO FISH are to be taken from any lake. This will be classed as theft and the Police will be called. We will not hesitate to prosecute.
  • Please keep the volume of indicators to a minimum level.
  • The three large platforms adjacent to the lodge are for disabled (wheelchair) access. We have the right to a ask you to move to another platform if a disabled fisherman arrives.
  • We do not take any responsibility for damage of any kind to vehicles ot fishing tackle used or parked in either carpark.
  • We do not take any responsibility for any personal injury caused while at Lakeside Fishery. Neither Lakeside Fishery, nor any member of staff, shall be liable for any fatality or injury to persons wheresoever or howsoever caused, or for loss or damage to their property.
  • Lakeside Fishery is a family fishery. Please refrain from using bad language.

We reserve the right to amend these rules without notice. Please visit the lodge for a copy of the current fishing rules.